Stream of Consciousness Run Amok

How long can self-restraint last?


Attending a class, arriving late, sitting down last


Scanning the room, smiling, impending doom (not for me, but for you)


Slowly sipping, large coffee, regular cream, extra sugar, backpack unzipping


Exposing the Peasant Slayer – yes, a reference to Game of Thrones


Polished chrome, someone sees, “Hey, shoot me first – PLEASE!”


He dies, there’s an outcry, a hundred voices yelling “Kill me next”


The ammunition, sadly, only allows for roughly 50 deaths


“Fear not, I’ve got more in my car. Wait right here.”


Car door slamming, sirens sound, police are near


Shooter stopped. Commanded to kill them all


“But I’ve got like 30 people waiting in that hall – waiting for me to kill them all.”


“Alright, we’ll wait – till after you deliver those folks such a happy fate.”


Arrival. Yay. Hooray. Peasants promptly slain


Shooter confused. Perhaps this really isn’t doom.


Cops on a megaphone: “Kill us or we’ll kill you”


Suicide. Nodding off. Smile fading. Slayer next to owner.


Police rush in, dejection, “Man I was so looking forward – ”


Paramedics arrive, those who are taking just a little bit longer to die


Resist the Angels of Life


“Noooooooooo! Please, please, take someone else! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!”


Living against your will.




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