Random Pt. 3 (Alphabetical Alliteration)

Articulating art appreciation awfully

Beholding beauty beyond belief

Concentrating closely, competing crazily

Digging desperately, depth delved deep

Entrenched – excited, enticed, express energy enigmatically

Fantasizing, fitting fragments, forming fortunate future

Grasp greedily, get greatest gardening gear – Grow ganja

Honing humor, handing her heaven happily

Illusion interrupted, infidelity infiltrates – infects

Javelin jammed, jesters joining jolly jeers

Kratom. Kettle. Kerry Kittles Killed Kaleer

Longing. Losing Last Lover. Labeled: “Lethargic Lunatic”

Miss my Muse. Mundane. Making mine meds misused

Nightly noose. noggin’s neck, Nutty Nectar, napping nude

Odious Omnipotent Overlord of Ours

Planet please! Promptly Putrefy people presently possessing Political Power

Quarantined, questions quintessentially queer – quizzical

Retiring rapidly, receiving ridicule

Surging stamina steaming softly, screaming syllables

Terminating terms, terminating tantalizing talking

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly,

Violence, valor, violating voluptuous Violets

Wanting war, whimpering, whining, women wined with

Xanax, Xanax, Xanax, Xanax, Xanax

Yew yell “Yahweh!”


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