Simulated Suffering

Demoralized, sore inside, pain sorta like

Holding tight to porcupines

Horrified, is there more 2 life?


Never call on me

And I’ll never call on you

Volatile, trail of blood is many miles

Very vile


When I look at my palm

And observe the nuts I busted


Taking lessons from Dylann Roof

On how to shoot a rifle


Like the loneliest island

Sleeping without closing your eyelids

Continue climbing though I’m bound to fall

Stretching my arm out

Before I hit the ground and all…

Wish we could escape misery together

Our history is forever

Who will slip 1st?

The pain of watching a true companion hurt

Can’t break out of this game

Can’t exit the screen and enter 3-D

Virtual characters have feelings too 😦

What did we do…

To deserve this


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