Rhyming Scroll

Soaring predatorily

Morally disorderly

Abhorrently quarantined

Warring victoriously

Ignoring seniority

Exploring the poetry

Informing pictorially

Performing most morbidly

And storing some more of these

Wield swords dictatorially

Ignoring authorities

In forest trees foraging

Imploring conformity

Adjoining majorities

Historic enormity

Transforming accordingly

Accord forming sordidly

But quarreling cordially

Heroic his soldiery

Enduring so stoically

Securing a rosary

Alluring is sorcery

Cured some living hopelessly

Words lurid like POTUS speech

Speak coarsely, ferociously

Braggadocios, boastingly

Hoisting trophies noisily

Voicing quotability










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