More Depressing Shit

Painful like aborting quintuplets

When the woman is 5 months in

By now you can tell, I tend to dwell

In a setting worse than Christian hell

Sharpest of arrows, the sturdiest bow

Aimless – at what do I aim this thing though?

Getting nowhere fast, must have shattered the record

And no, that was not the intent of my strenuous efforts

Memorizing pages of Alien Nation’s dictionary

At best I remember momentarily

Lapses in my memory occur customarily

No one is aware of me

But I’m aware of them

I once had a dream, it gleamed like a gem

Back when my sleep cycles used to reach REM


Wake up before it

Environment is boring

Not worth exploring

But I just can’t ignore it

Like a rat in the same

Cage for ages

Nothing changes

Not location nor sadistic faces

So then

What is

My deepest desire?

To flee far from

Familiarity’s empire

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