Menace to Conventions

Norms formed and packaged as a gift to posterity

Conventions, they call them, must be followed carefully

Now let’s begin…

Eating a slab of meat without utensils

Just wrap it up in a tortilla menso!

Not wishing for a person to receive a blessing just for sneezing

What kind of god would reward someone for such a petty reason?

Living with your girlfriend and leaving the toilet seat up

File this one under: Sorry, I just don’t give a…

Allowing the door to slam in the face of a person walking behind you

Open your own damn doors like I do!

Refusing to shake an extended hand

This is for your sake, my hand just finished playing – and not with a band 😉

Forgoing the greeting and sending an email that’s straight to the point

Random confession: I smoke out of a bong because I can’t roll a joint 😦

Allowing incestual thoughts to permeate through your mind


“Man, I know she’s my sister but she damn sure is fine”

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