When They Reminisce Over Youth, My God 

I miss my Crayolas


And Aladdin coloring books


Staying within the lines was essential!


I miss…being young enough to have all kinds of potential


Now I’m old and I’ve yet to become anything I was meant to


I miss my Nintendo 64


I loved playing Banjo Kazooie


Wish I could go back like driving past your destination and pulling a U-ey


I miss wanting to grow up, to do all kinds of things


Now I’m doing some of those things and the satisfaction it brings…


Pales in comparison


To times when my patience had yet to start wearing thin


Inexhaustible curiosity


Entertaining everything


Can Digimon be real?


Hmmm lemme think…






Anything is possible


Ask me that now


I’ll tell you: no, that’s illogical


And finally I miss –


All of the other kids


It chokes me up to reminisce

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