Masturbation (Men's Edition)

Addicted to masturbating

What is dating? Jeopardy!

“Umm, what is mating?”

Sometimes I go

For an hour or more

The payoff is huge

Nearly empty the store

Then there are times

When I must be as quick as the Flash

10 minutes or less

Waste of a splash

Regret will come later

I’m certain, I know

When I have plenty of time

But my tank’s running low

When I plan to have sex

With a new gal I’ve seduced

My main aim is to hinder

These hands from forming a noose

2 days minimum

Preserve cum, jizz, semen, some call it skeet

Or else my performance

Is shamefully weak

Lackluster for her, and even for me

Ejaculation is scarcely anything sweet

But so often I cave

To incessant demands

After a day

“Please, please, one time won’t change anything, man”

I’ve been late to work plenty

On account of this deed

Dashed into the shower with astonishing speed

And remained there with leisure

Dedicating time to my Meat

How gross you might think

To share so graphic a tale

So extensive, this writing

Jam-packed with detail

Well, what can I say

It’s tough not to write

In this elaborate way

About something I do

Day after day 😉

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