Random Pt. 16


Manipulated my misfortune

Managed to mold malignant masses of cells

Into missiles that exit the mouth in one long belch

Magical biology. How?

My policy: Even if you ask, I won’t tell. Or can’t tell

Fairy tale.

Faring worse than peacocks fare without tails


Not even in the ballpark

Yet, I too can catch a home run ball

From outside its walls

4 deflated tires

Stuck in the muck of a quagmire

Quadruply mired

Daydream more than I dream at night

Dusting off the seat of my old Mongoose bike

To ride again

Propulsion fueled by peddling

Piercing the wind

Flying through the cosmos

Land on a rock where life lives

Kneel in the grass with Mike Tyson

Seems like a nice guy but still frightening

Strange creatures crawling like all of my skin

When Tyson inquired: “You ever experiment with men?”

When he wasn’t looking, I took advantage

Shoved him off of the surface

And he fell on a neighboring planet

Shouted threats that shattered the Earth

The sound waves walloped me into the dirt

And the earth turned into debris

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