Random Pt. 19

A Rubik’s Cube buried in a coffin

Funeral packed with PhDs

A cow shutters as a farmer sucks its udder

Airtight garage with fumes exhaust


Photography. Snap a shot of ideologies

People exiting a hookah bar, entering the stressed streets

Christian Muslims, Black Albinos

Sending prayers to god that explode on arrival


Devouring dog shit with a dab of salt

I want to see a nuclear war.



Singing mutes belt vocals heavenly

I think I want to die at 70

I like pain but not too much pain

Eating man-made pancakes – a bunch of goo


I bring firefighters to igloos

At current, I am a dead wire and set fire to a guy named Edmire

Astonishing the absurdity

So fashionable the unreason


Turn on the tube and watch online news

What is cracking on the web today?

We are such a community, feel like I know you

This is like the adult home school

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