Random Pt. 20

Smoking meth with Aaron Paul

Going to the bathroom just

to roam the halls.


Aimless. Fameless. The Life & Times

of Nameless.


Wardrobe so old, so old

Every combination I’ve adorned

Wear my father’s shirt

for a change.


I like raccoons, wish I

saw them more often.


A bag of chips and Xbox One

A life without a daughter or son

At this point nothing will be fun

until I do what I believe

must be done


Desire ambiguous. So,

fulfillment unattainable

like a child on his toes unable

to reach the Trix on the fridge

so he drags over the chair from the table


Perhaps there’s a chance…

Dumb and Dumber-type chance


Energy drinks made me forget

what water is.

Complaining about being fatherless?

But you don’t know what you missed


Feeling confident like having breath

minty. When you swap spit during

a kiss. Or wake up on test day –

ready to ace.

Adderall-infused study sessions

paved the way


For now, I have nothing more to say…


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