A Day Without…

A day without group Z

24 hours without group K

1,440 minutes without a lesbian

86, 400 seconds without a Guatemalan Mexican


Supreme material for the satirical

When you think it’s over – no; it starts again

My proposal to the next organizers:

7 minutes without oxygen


Hey! Hey, now my group! Do my group next!

Pick us, pick us

I swear, we’re so important

We want the whole world to know it

Presence by omission

Once or twice – I get it

Now nauseating head shaking

when I find about more spinoffs


I’m no one, but I think I speak for many

Many racists out there side with me

Went to a meeting with one once,

Walked in like: Be cool, he’s alright with me


But also on my side…plenty people who don’t care

about your hue, about distinctions


A day without group Z.2

24 hours without group K.2

1,440 minutes without an Englishman

86, 400 seconds without me?  Oh, that’s refreshing


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