I Like the Word Fathom

I like the word fathom

as the title suggests

I cannot fathom

not liking it.

I cannot fathom biking it

to Nicaragua

Or eating Pluto

in one spoonful

I cannot fathom being raped

by a towering, massive cell mate

But what I can fathom

is shitting soiling myself

to drive potential rapists away

I cannot fathom

the existence of that dumbass


I cannot fathom having

a mushroom on a stick


the modest inch of 6

I cannot fathom fandom

I can fathom indifference

in times of decision

I can fathom derision

in unison when

a student keeps the class hostage

by asking a question

with 1 minute left

I cannot fathom a world without

answers from Jeeves and Google searches

I cannot fathom stealing

elderly ladies’ purses

I cannot fathom

a worldwide national anthem

I cannot fathom being handsome

But when I look in the mirror –

Maybe I can fathom

I cannot fathom an actual phantom

disrupting an opera – that

I really

cannot fathom

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