Cognitive Dissonance Jose – BayArt

Why do you keep reading

You MUST find me intriguing

Wanted one day for you to visit this site

And be greeted gently with poems driven by light

Instead I’m in darkness, and you? you’re somewhere now

Eyes scanning my hate, reading rancor written down

Superficial wants, need your beauty and sex

Your voice booming so pretty, longed for you to speak next

Where are you now? Across town with the most gorgeous of views?

All I see is dread and I’ve lived here 20 years longer than you

I am trying to deny my fate as it seals

My mind’s somewhere else because here I don’t like what I feel

I’m of two hearts, I’m the one with two traits

One being neutral, the other is hate

“Save me from this!” a thought from within

Need just the slightest affection to start me again

To him you mean something. To me? You’ll be of infinite value, of unlimited worth

How to restart? The groundwork is so toxic

We begin by telling the truth, wince one or twice then we drop it

What’s more important saving face or a life?

And now I feel compelled to rhyme this with something about you being my wife

“This poor kid is deranged, upstairs he’s not there!”

Unless you take me out for a spin, the test drive is not fair

This is more like unraveling soul than damage control

More akin to a shot in the dark than a stab at your heart

You see, Jose’s doing bad, Jose is real broke

He gets lost in fantasy while steering the boat

Flirting with you is like flirting with prison

Desperate criticisms make an incision

Galvanized by the thought of you

Imagine if I could get along with you!

I understand there’s a chance I misread this whole thing

If that is the case, if my total delusion is what you believe –

Let Jose know,

Don’t let his unfounded anger continue to grow.

Help him let go

Time ticks slow in the world moving sluggishly

News cycles spin like cyclones of boredom

Chilly breeze blows with it a season

The globe is riddled with monsters

Jose is young and his life is not over, he can come back with greater baskets of gifts

Kimberly knows she can make changes too, and she can become shiny and new

They both know they were not meant for each other but stranger things have happened.

Smashing a grandfather clock with a hammerhead shark

Falling with a collapse to the floor then asking for more

Bitter thoughts and remarks drowned by the simplest heart

An introvert imploding

You are very pretty and reaching that age

When you think about children and having one on the way

I see that as a weakness on which I prey

That is pathetic but that is Jose

Dragging a sheet of iron down the halls of justice

Trophy cases filled with real illusions

A vending machine that doesn’t vend

Still I stand in front of it and want to spend

Kimberly keeps bad thoughts regarding Jose in her mind

Jose lets it be known so Jose is paying the fine

He wants to kiss her and talk

He does not want to stalk

Clutching wildly like a flailing Tarzan

Eating food in my mother’s kitchen

Seeing stars in a rural area

Play it cool in the midst of hell

Kim is a coward, want to know why?

Because Kim read his most private thoughts

and now can’t look Jose in the eye

But hires a spy?

I summoned Summoned Skull in a duel against Pegasus
Exhaling hot air into a heated harmonica

Talking shit about Abraham Lincoln

Booking a flight to the height of oblivion

Jose is an asshole and projects way too often

He is sort of alive dressed up in a coffin

Silent as mimes, in his head he is screaming

He needs someone to believe him

An axe thrown like a frisbee at the neck of a crow

Emotion fills a life worth living

Guessing correctly the nuclear codes

Using a wormhole as bait for fishing

Kim, oh, Kim, what have I gotten you into?

Can I dare say I love you, in my own twisted way?

Please do not waste your hard earned pain

You can redeem us still

Kicking up dust in anticipation of mayhem

Viewing a microscope through a telescope

Piercing the little brain of Jesus with a poisoned bullet

Masturbating incessantly on the face of Purity

Jose is unruly and a lesson is in order

Maybe my personality is on the wrong side of the border

Can you show Jose mercy in its ultimate?

He’ll never forget what you did for him

Procrastinating in a time machine

Thinking fast but not fast enough

Pushing a hot babe up against lonely lockers

Hurrying home and wanting to escape upon arrival

Kim Possible, I watched the show, shit is possible

It is logical what I am professing

I am hostile with a heartache and lively under pressure

Ms. Johnson is my professor

~1,000 words of maniacal dedication

Hyenas laugh out loud to tunes of sanity in a lake of fire

The same moon seen by savages confused

Bad faith placed in a major makes me minor

It’s true about Jose, he takes a lot of drugs

That was no excuse, of you I was not thinking of

Read again your friend, that’s what framed my thinking

Which drugs are you into? A little something more than drinking?

I feel something missing like a phantom limb

I am going numb within, confess one sin

Source: Cognitive Dissonance Jose (The Treatise) – BayArt