Illusions of Grandeur Pt. 2

Grip the corner of a strip of tape

Slowly unveling a great source of pleasure

Her pretty little mouth is like a splotch of pink-red

Barked my instructions: “Give head”

She hesitates but the law of the land is that which I legislate

My purplish brown penis fully levitates

Hunched over her face now, her mouth is my playground

The joy she brings me elates her too

Her mind wonders what else Jose will make her do

10 Minutes Later

….like a rabid dog, had to have it raw

I’m high like an eagle, she gets spread like an eagle

Her way out of this one she will not weasel

Downloading my hardware into her software

Half a ruler slides into her digital information

Has her squirming like she’s impatient

I told her that’s not a virtue

She said: “I can’t wait to hurt you”

I said: “Baby, you have to wait your turn to”

I’m going balls deep, piping her like I’m knifing her

Loving her, like really, really loving her

Her warm pussy is like a hot highway and I’m trucking her

Bust a nut in her, I swear to her God I’m loving her

30 Seconds Later

…kissing her, slowing down, kissing her

Tomorrow I will be missing her

But as of now I’m kissing her


Part 3 is in the works

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