Sipping on a Yoo-hoo

Wondering if this woman really is wondrous

Or if she is a Plain Jane fitting in.

Social pressure molds perception but I’m singled out as sole manipulator


Sipping on an ice-cold Mountain Dew and I had to eat the soda tax

The can’s moist green texture is appealing to the eye

Shoot this nuisance in the head and that’s the end of that

I knew a couple of people who fought fair and that’s what justified their deaths


Sipping on a Monster, the original

Chainsmoking like Beethoven

Stand back and admire the absurdity of what we’ve woven

I am a book that’s open, you are a notebook that had to be opened

The world is coming to a close, won’t you hold my hand?, I’ll hold you closer than my values


Sipping on Nestle coffee put together in an instant

Mentally I feel as though we are not too distant

Take the hits I’m giving thee and strike me down with karma

Are you alone? Company only sticks around for a short while


Sipping on her pussy juice 

In a thermos is liquid sex and ecstasy

Steam rises out of it when I tilt it back and drown in it

It changed my whole perspective

Headed back to campus

I call it the Resurrection



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