That Fire Quagmire

I am wedded to my whims, so sorry

like the flick I’m taken

I am trying to take a string of failures

and make it amount to greatness.

The latest fashion, I don’t adorn it

The market, I am trying to corner it

I throw dice into blackholes and hope for the best outcome

Then, when nothing happens, I ask, “how come?”


Akin to abra

I cadabra.

Like a fresh cadaver, I hardly matter.

I’m a legend in my own mind, sure

but that’s where it starts.

Please do not be mad at me, sweetheart

I’m addressing the ether, which is where these words wind up

As crooked as I am, I have something lined up

Friend or foe? – those two are not mutually exclusive

Like thoughts about how life began

success is elusive



I’m resisting temptation, that’s right

as of now

my vow’s intact.

I have one head

And wear a thousand hats

Now you know where mine is at.

Ignorance is bliss

and so I’m living quite heavenly

I think I am my own worst











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