I met her and spoke no words to upset her

Thought thoughts in which I undress her

Perhaps she has grown to despise me

I type with complete trust

knowing she could probably pulverize me.

My gratitude is real, if I could express it in a hug

I would do so.

Please do not hurt me

Allow me to live in my mundo.

I am not attracted anymore

to the girl at that store.

But if you want you can accompany me

and I will ask her out in front of you

and then we will see…


Absorption, by now you know

I tend to blow details (lol)

out of proportion.

The girl at that store, attraction based solely

on superficiality…because in all actuality

I’m tired of masturbating.

I’ve done it so much, the record

I must have shattered it.

But to me you are worth more than

temporary relief.

How can I make you believe?

Love is a strong word

I wonder if I should use it

Would it be yet another instance of making myself look foolish?


Again, thank you for not harming Jose

And I’m sorry if he could not save the day





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