Abyss to This

Ascending the abyss.

Peering into blinding darkness

dearly departed, vacated.

Hover over a home

hardly hospitable

but accepted me

albeit nevertheless

despite X although Y

however begrudgingly.

Till the day I could

scale a height unknown

Climbing up

however fast, however slow

was the only way to know

how high the exit.


Swinging arm and kickback

from the blown kiss, which

descended down the decadent

space and destroyed it. A burst.

Of light shining in shape of star.

Small then amorphous eruption.

A tunnel sprouted

illumination as blinding

as predecessor. Glowed

with force of spotlight

and declined to a glimmer.


Diving to where?

The brim should have been.

On all fours expecting

to look into, yell

calls to comrades.

Consolation came

as inhabitants emerged

with an aura of apology

The coziness of sympathy

surrounded me. Mourned

with tears in winds. A puddle

adorned with reflections of storms

intertwined with my eyes.


Sat up then stood up

looked around

directions abound

Encircled. My fate.

A quiver at the center of a compass.

In this new world move

with volition or Screenwriter’s vision.

Unexplained attraction it seems

from a distance. Unsure when

if ever I’ll impose my will.

Moving with the purpose

of products in assembly.

Precisely I cannot

convey the way

the way it belt.

Something like

moving toward a meeting with a magnet.

They Are Among Us

Itch to do her, like homework amid class

Best branch on bank, I’m an eager beaver

When she gets up, a chance to see her ass

Roll out of bed assuming I’ll see her


Combusting with confessions, lust stretches

We speak, I converse like I’m not perverse

Tonight I’ll conceive more, your nude sketches

A thought of her precipitates each jerk


Contemplate being the source of pleasure

Just by being and allowing seeing

Image of yours used to fend off stressors

That, you cannot fathom, yet engender


List all who you knew and orgasmed to

But never once fucked, they had not a clue

The Cube

Inside…reside inside…


…inside the dominion

of six slabs composed

of imposing concrete

The two opposite each other

inch incrementally

Wish they would

grow apart

but no


A chain attached to each

Well within

reach but why

would I, the date

they meet



Seemingly sporadically

the slugs sprint


then resume



There was

a time or two

ground gained rapidly

impending doom

I was helpless

I am helpless

Inside the cube

A Morning

The tiles on the floor

when I drop

snacks become

a table.


Some random rule about


Dive across, lunge

scoop and pop

the oval in.


Scruffy still sniffing

the area, destitute

assaulted when I vaulted

Gone, boy! Come, boy.


See fridge with me

Behold it like

a shining portal

how we stand back.


Without a dance

you get the sliced ham

I get a dry mouth

Whip out the Mac.

Like, Seriously?

Bantering about matters taboo

walking toward wood

shape rectangular

whispers of vulgarity

transition as we sit

to utterances of etiquette

Appear austere

like I’m not here

Polite chatter is rather…


Say lines cinematically

idioms, the classics

Portrayed like a pageant

Creating reactions

that sum up to

the crux of you

Hone in

on quirks

but everyone acts

somewhat similar

X=Y more or less


So reserved these

people. So reserved us two

an act, it really is an act

I think my chair is growing nauseas

I chopped the wood up with an axe


So, is this how you guys really are? 

“Oh god, no!”

Okay. Then, let’s go ahead and start.

Spending Time Making Silly Rhymes

Catapulting cattle to Seattle

Go canoe to Honolulu

Sipping Chardonnay with Marvin Straight.


A math club in a bath tub. Or

a Frenchman with a henchman.

Live stream of your border collie making origami

Die alone with an iPhone. Or

Passing away while playing Madden 28.


Painting a mural of what’s going on with your neural

A suicide pact with Sylvia Plath. Or

A smoking Session with Jeff

Death is no disaster

“Hey, you stole my joke!” – 😡

I’m Buster Baxter.