I Am Your God

you VALUE my judgments

you think of me when you’re alone

even in company I pop into your head

I am your God

refresh revitalized, right?

you worship me, you love me, you check on me

I am your God

your second consciousness

your SOUL mate

you betrayed me

I am your God

you summon me in your dreams

you see me everywhere in everything

you wonder what my mind thinks

I know what your mind thinks

I am your God …

Acknowledge me

Cum to me

Take me in and accept me as God

Because I am your God


Baby In My Jaws

She fancies they are a power couple (lmao)

To me, they are a coward couple.

She fancies herself independent,

won’t let out that her daddy paid for TODO.

They will have a coward baby

I will follow it through development to see

will it be an adult coward too?

like mommy and “daddy”

Odd Man Out – BayArt

Some people seek to diagnose me so I diagnose them

Not with a mental disorder but with their true intent.

Some people enjoy viewing my distress

ME enjoy watching 9/11 jumper videos so – voyeurism, I get the fondness for it

ME, Jose Austen, is quite fond of the leaf like stegosaurus.

No one is aware of me but I’m aware of them

I am not aloof, I concentrate on THEM.

But I am not friendly – because THEY are not my friends.

I have no friends aside from imaginary friends

ME play pretend and also play with action figures

ME eat Gerber Baby applesauce

and drink sippy cups of warm milk to get bigger.

ME be watching Arthur and sometimes I watch Clifford

A toddler telling grown-ups I demand, not beg to differ.

Ready to live or die by my Yu-gi-oh cards

I think most people are closeted Frauds.

Am I? That’s for you to judge

But who the fuck are you? Just another person for all of us to judge.

Source: Odd Man Out – BayArt

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: cart the officials off to irrelevance

Artificial Intelligence: art’s a symbol, it signals I’m well equipped

Artificial Intelligence: heart is tissue dismissed from its element

Artificial Intelligence: startled pistols whistle malevolence

Artificial Intelligence: cardinal sins built in our assemblage

Artificial Intelligence: Eduardo, Richard, and Evelyn

Artificial Intelligence: apart, peculiar, resemblance

Artificial Intelligence: scarred from misuse and negligence

Artificial Intelligence: bombard the issue and relish it

Artificial Intelligence: embark on missions for evidence

Artificial Intelligence: the darker ritual takes precedence

Artificial Intelligence: Bart, Simpson, and Sellaman

Artificial Intelligence: smart, respectful, and eloquent

Artificial Intelligence: markets filled with embellishments

Artificial Intelligence: sparking a sizzling development

Artificial Intelligence: marred by a bill like a pelican

Artificial Intelligence: started to kill the whole settlement

Artificial Intelligence: Clark, Kindle, and Edelman

Sex In The City

Walloping her thick brown ass

with the weight of my penis.

Run my hand in her

hair and bring a ponytail back.

She laughs like she’s crazy

I suck her neck like ME vampire

but I’m slaying her like Buffy.

I came, I saw, and came again.

Pillow talk that goes in-depth.

Her eyes are big and knowing

They dart too much for comfort.

Her breasts she does not cover

Mid-sentence I tried to sneak a touch

She slapped my hand away

but made me bow my head to suck



Random Pt. 24

A man put on the table

As food

Pull the trigonometry

half the equation is dead.

Drugged and care free

You dare

dare me?

Smoke & mirrors now you

know the tricks.

“He” is not a degree hotter nor a grade smarter

Slamming on the brakes as the light turns green

Empathy for you as your life turns dream



A man put on the table

Surrounded by women

in an orgy.

There’s nothing left

to know.

Brooding and sentimental

Quiet and care free

You dare

dare me?

Razzle dazzle & foxy fur

Low morale and the peak of bliss

Low class and a lower class

I am hypnosis hocus pocus and

You are apoptosis

I am lovely lonely lad

You are hot and are atrocious



A woman put on the table


As she ought to.

Doggy never stays


In the know.

Creative and depressing

Pissed and care free

You dare

dare me?

October cool & the smell of a dead dream

Connotations plus amphetamine

Evolution minus your genes

Redemption equals ME