HER Pt. 2

Walked into the room

Time inopportune

I’ll spare you the details

I guess I’m not the best when it comes to approaching women working in retail

* The girl did not remember my name even though I remembered her’s. It was a very humbling experience. 


Do you like me?

New Reality

Light rays & tall heights

One good day makes a week worth living

The Ritalin is riveting, peers like

what I’m exhibiting.

Pondering past pantomimes, I too wish it behind me

I will rid my mind of your name,

so that nothing can remind me.


New lows & dark depths

I was late to my own funeral when I showed up at my cubicle

I crashed into absurdity now no one is insuring me

I dreamed I had a nemesis,

woke up wondering if she is venomous.

I have done a ton of dumb shit bordering on some Trump shit

I pushed my luck off a cliff then jumped off of it myself

I thought that I was Santa and to my surprise I was an elf

I summarized my life

and not a word was written

I gave someone advice

and what I said, I never did it…


I am but a pebble in this rock in space we live in

To tell vision I’m a boulder …I get why you’d be livid


I was swinging like a mood

and in truth had no opponent.

I was arrogant and rude

I know that you can no longer condone it.

I am feeling like you might – want to be my editor

With the set of skills that you possess

who could remain as our competitor?


I’m a jokester,

not a violent criminal.

I’m the type who’d let you have it

if we both reached for the last dinner roll

I am pausing to muse

over what you will do.

Your patience is a present

and your kindness is too.






















Life How I See It Right Now

I am lost like humanity; similar to humanity

I am lost.

Opinions chime dictatorial since time


Here I am hanging on, assuming I’ll contradict current conditions soon

I am sustaining myself, providing means to maintain my own mental health

This soul’s situation is dire like the ones of most Americans you hear about

Basically: existential crisis meets financial crisis – the problem thus encapsulated

Humanity is lost like Jose; similar to Jose

humanity is lost.

Politicians squirm professorial since time immemorial

A violent revolution, I long to see it happen

Organizing mass action, it is difficult to do

Marching is a waste, just another stage for soul-sucking

phones to participate in photo ops

Akin to the Bible, I don’t have all the answers, if any

I am just a guy in a maze constructed by strangers

This maze, to navigate is no issue of the category trivial

Critical steps, each one, sometimes it’s best you don’t take one

Myself, I am a stranger though I have met a lot of people

Kept in touch with very few,

so now my social network’s feeble.


Of the human species I’ma member, a creature brought about by the hand of evolution

I see my circumstances and yes, if I had a loving God, I would ask for absolution

Faced with a life of mediocrity, I wonder if another decade’s gonna change that

My brother is suffering the same and I lament that I can’t change that

So, what can I do?

I’m smoking Newports like I’m Jesus taking no thought for tomorrow






She was a rainbow in an otherwise grim diary

I was lunacy to her,

lunacy to her stability. Her disposition battled mine.

Last love of the real kind – I felt it dissipate at 16.

Even then I doubted that I’d ever feel that way again.

I embody desperation, the feeling stemming from…

fulfillment lacking.

I’m too scared to choose

for certain a new avenue.

Can this “profession” be my passion if I approach with hesitation?

“Will it make me money?” – always it’s a prime consideration.

I am occupying this position – that I know for certain

I want to occupy a better one – that is generally my purpose

What does “better” mean? That is what I strive to figure out.










Pulling a rabbit out of a hat to fight a bat out of hell

Standing empty-handed nakedly at a show & tell

Some of my relatives are much more suicidal than the masses

If I wore glasses, I’d take them off to see something else

The smartphone, many were murdered glued to their tomb

I glance at my phone and wonder why I fancy myself immune.

I am GOD’s idea of AI, receive inputs, give outputs – reduce me to a chemical

Walk up on the scene and put the “non” into the sensical.









I am going to ask out that girl at the kratom store

I swear to someone else’s god I’ma do it.

I’m ready to risk rejection. If I see her, if today I see her…

Thought so many things, if only she knew – she’d probably say no

I think she likes me but I’ve been wrong in this arena before.

I am going to ask out that girl at the kratom store

Meanwhile think hard on what we will do, where should I take her? Anywhere’s nice?

I will report back in a week