I’m So Happy…

I’m so happy, everthing is marvelous

Dandy as can be

Motivates me, everything recharges me

Smile dumb and think me free


I’m so gleeful, chain of events is so stupendous

Nothing out the ordinary

Gives me great joy, feel like the Prez, I feel tremendous

We are bachelors feeling merry


I’m so somber, if I was an idiot I’d be an ISIS convert

Or maybe if I had the artillery – I’d go on a killing spree

Hand me the authority, I’ll start a nuclear war with disturbing ease and give the masses Ambien to help them sleep

I’m so happy!










On death row one writes mad letters

On death row it’s too late to strive to be better

When on the row of death an atheist can be tempted to surrender


On death row one obsesses over the long-ago death blow

On death row men suck their own dicks and ladies their own genitals

When on the row of death arms are reaching out like tentacles


On death row Makaveli was slaughtered by four little beads in September

On death row there is no new experience worthy to remember

When on the row of death there is no well founded reason to cherish every breath


Sipping on a Yoo-hoo

Wondering if this woman really is wondrous

Or if she is a Plain Jane fitting in.

Social pressure molds perception but I’m singled out as sole manipulator


Sipping on an ice-cold Mountain Dew and I had to eat the soda tax

The can’s moist green texture is appealing to the eye

Shoot this nuisance in the head and that’s the end of that

I knew a couple of people who fought fair and that’s what justified their deaths


Sipping on a Monster, the original

Chainsmoking like Beethoven

Stand back and admire the absurdity of what we’ve woven

I am a book that’s open, you are a notebook that had to be opened

The world is coming to a close, won’t you hold my hand?, I’ll hold you closer than my values


Sipping on Nestle coffee put together in an instant

Mentally I feel as though we are not too distant

Take the hits I’m giving thee and strike me down with karma

Are you alone? Company only sticks around for a short while


Sipping on her pussy juice 

In a thermos is liquid sex and ecstasy

Steam rises out of it when I tilt it back and drown in it

It changed my whole perspective

Headed back to campus

I call it the Resurrection



Futile Composition

Juxtapose an empty vase with a rose.

Offensive remarks latch onto the brain of victims.

Salvage what you can and jump out of the airplane.

Substance abuse, I abuse substances domestically

This next Christmas will be a bad one, pray the world ends before it

I feel like an imbecile like Emmett Till for whistling.

Home invasion as you return from occupation.

Homicide kills the grandma on your mother’s side

He is thinking of sedition, idle in the kitchen

A gun or a petition?


I Am A Sinner

Can you forgive me

For gaslighting – I wasn’t even familiar

with the term yet I was doing it.

It was ruthless,

But if that is not what you too did

That is what you ARE doing.

Can you forgive me

For loving you like a creep

I think of you before I sleep.

I count the times I fucked up,

Fuck how many sheep!

I respect you

And after all this, ME know not to mess with you.

Can you forgive me

Is it too late or too soon?

I have some fresher things to say

and a funny spin or two

humor that can mend

and no we could never be just friends.

Can you forgive me

Throw your ring away and take an insane chance

Awkward at a glance

but beyond the surface it is purrfect.

Am I overestimating your extraversion?

Can you forgive me

Put these poems in the past I’ll define myself in person

Any judgment hinging on these portraits

does us a disservice.

Can you forgive me

I really want to kiss you


This one’s for you 😉