Artful Little Aardvark

The aardvark smiles when the clock strikes 12

A plan centers around you and locks you

inside a station circular – the circle is the station



Banging a nail through a wall with forehead’s force

Washing hands with just water

Whimpering in a corner like a scared little boy



Shuffling along, passing scenes chaotic

Diving into garbage, hope no one sees me

Finding trash, think it treasure – easy


Standing in awe at an art museum

Portrait hangs over me with exaggerated enormity

Blown back for staring too long


Travel back to when all was still

No time to kill

I am real



The Right Words

How many different ways can a scene be painted

How many different descriptions can exist

To describe a state of consciousness

Love, everyone loves to interpret

Seldom with the perfect twist

But is it not bliss? Is the head on the nail not hit?

When a unique combination of words just captures it

These words – strung in the precise way that they are

Even a materialist would say: they came from the heart