The Cube

Inside…reside inside…


…inside the dominion

of six slabs composed

of imposing concrete

The two opposite each other

inch incrementally

Wish they would

grow apart

but no


A chain attached to each

Well within

reach but why

would I, the date

they meet



Seemingly sporadically

the slugs sprint


then resume



There was

a time or two

ground gained rapidly

impending doom

I was helpless

I am helpless

Inside the cube

Fading Out

Black hole. Void. Abyss in a twister

Darkness eclipsed by a sewer cap

Flashlight flickers for final time

Heart drops through the lower half

Burrowing through the earth’s core easy

Then piercing through the crown of the scalp – back into place

Wall shows shadows adjoined

So many that there are no figures

Dirt compiles in deep pits of human eyes

Sodomized to sleep by alien forces

Street lights give up in unison

Await death slouched on a stone



HUMANITY: A Call 2 Action

Swimming somberly in seas of sorrow
Backs to the ocean to watch the stars glow

Seawater derived from ancestral tears

Sometimes we blame them for bringing us here

But Nothingness was dark, a tad bit bland

Perhaps we’re fortunate to roam this land

To feel emotions, to have desires

To seek revenge with impassioned ire

But a day will come to cease our senses 😦

Looking at Science like “can you fix this?”

It’s the only faith I deem worth having

A rope from above when steeped in madness


Abandon all humility
We must kill Inevitability


Epiphany: I really would not care if my grandma died

It would hurt my Mom, and –

Perhaps by extension, it would bother me

But I cannot say – least not honestly

That my grandma’s death would be my tragedy

In addition, I declare the same absence for both

They can even die together. Accident. Boat.

I’ll hardly be moved, tears oh-so remote

“I’m sorry Grand Mother. I don’t know why –

I would not care if you died”








Stream of Consciousness Run Amok

How long can self-restraint last?


Attending a class, arriving late, sitting down last


Scanning the room, smiling, impending doom (not for me, but for you)


Slowly sipping, large coffee, regular cream, extra sugar, backpack unzipping


Exposing the Peasant Slayer – yes, a reference to Game of Thrones


Polished chrome, someone sees, “Hey, shoot me first – PLEASE!”


He dies, there’s an outcry, a hundred voices yelling “Kill me next”


The ammunition, sadly, only allows for roughly 50 deaths


“Fear not, I’ve got more in my car. Wait right here.”


Car door slamming, sirens sound, police are near


Shooter stopped. Commanded to kill them all


“But I’ve got like 30 people waiting in that hall – waiting for me to kill them all.”


“Alright, we’ll wait – till after you deliver those folks such a happy fate.”


Arrival. Yay. Hooray. Peasants promptly slain


Shooter confused. Perhaps this really isn’t doom.


Cops on a megaphone: “Kill us or we’ll kill you”


Suicide. Nodding off. Smile fading. Slayer next to owner.


Police rush in, dejection, “Man I was so looking forward – ”


Paramedics arrive, those who are taking just a little bit longer to die


Resist the Angels of Life


“Noooooooooo! Please, please, take someone else! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!”


Living against your will.