I consist

of consciousness – that’s it

A sorry life, excuses flow profusely

Despair dares to pursue me

Seeks me incessantly

Looks under the bed, in the closet

in the most secluded chambers of my mind, hiding silently

Found frequently, maimed more

Compelled to purchase pain in store

Takes me like the tide

Fingers clawing at the sand…

The Dullness of Days

Mundane Monday. Clock ticks lethargically.

Look outside and see a snapshot of laboring.

Anguished face angled back. Sobbing silently.

A bathroom light illuminates a spirit caged.

Stepping back into the world wholly collected.

Toiling away in a cycle unbeatable, unstoppable.

Wearing self-destruction.

Timer reads: ??/??/????

Untitled Title

Manic depressive

Either wholly uninterested or ultra-obsessive

What is the reason?

Swing like a pendulum, change like the seasons

New dispositions

Not my decisions, apart from volition


Quite useful for intensifying dejection


Happy Thoughts

Preparing to make a positive remark

Embarking on a change in disposition

Waves hit the ship with the impact of 606 charging bison

Seems to always occur before the transition to optimistic

Tsk tsk…

Woe is me, my name is Woe

Woe was my Mother, when Woe was born

Random Pt. 4

Nostalgia dissipating,

Forgetting feelings, fail to recall them

“Mom help! They’re dissolving” 😦

Currently not forming memories 2 be nostalgic about tomorrow

Hey, I noticed you on the bench by yourself,

Want 2 borrow some sorrow?