March 7th

It is March seventh, a new batch of pills

The thrill at the pharmacy: wow oh wow

It’s time to enhance or revive my skills

I take ALL my meds, man – I took the vow


A capsule of speed is bag of Skittles

Thinking, writing, typing, thinking again

My concentration is rather brittle

On the cusp of a tangent, brain can vend


Contents obscure or contents familiar

Just take your pick and I’ll supersede it

With my preference, I’m first in billiards

Can’t be weaned off – I need it, I need it


I create at pace unprecedented

With candid ad infinitum venting

Random Pt. 18

Seduce a muse, come live in the lair of

the Kid with the beard, penetrate you on a prayer rug


Drugs saved me. They gave me something when I had nothing.

Vague hope from afar, glimmer beamed through a crack

When I had been beaten through the basement’s concrete


Euphoria was fleeting, left me crying tears of joy

I thought that I would never for a second leave the void…


Come take drugs with me, lock eyes and

travel on one wavelength, I’ll take your hand

Rub it on my cheek. Kiss it –

I’m complete.


Sappy when I’m mellow

drinking Mellow Yellow…It’s good, no?




Drug Seeking Behavior

Sir, your serotonin is sadly low

Take this pill or you’ll jump out the window 

And if you still jump, theory disconfirmed 

As the saying goes: You live and we learn

Doc, hyperpolarize GABA goblins

And depolarize my JABA joblins

Then hand me the Amps for the dopamine

Keep the Paroxetine and Thorazine

I told you the last time, smart idiot

I’m not depressed, I’m not schizophrenic

And I’m taking this bucket of Xanax

Stand down like Crimea’s getting annexed

I’ll call you when I feel like shit again

No more pussyfooting around my friend



On Speed…

Smoking cigarettes at a remarkable pace

Making up for lost time

Pouring out a capsule on the bed

Pink goldmine

Nooo… Really? This is all mine?

Splurge the first day before becoming conservative

Two weeks later I have roughly a third of it



Smoking Weed & Masturbating

Yeah you know – guilty smile

Unraveling slow – yeah you know 😉

After breathing out of the bong

After mini breaths from your bowl…!?

Familiar, yes?

In your mind anyone can get undressed, correct?

An ex, a friend…a relative???

Relax. Never go cuckoo over taboo.

Masturbating is not a choice – we just have to

More than glad to – Eventual

Sitting in my room, come across the right picture – then!

I turn sensual

Sorry fellas

But I’m heterosexual