Random Pt. 18

Seduce a muse, come live in the lair of

the Kid with the beard, penetrate you on a prayer rug


Drugs saved me. They gave me something when I had nothing.

Vague hope from afar, glimmer beamed through a crack

When I had been beaten through the basement’s concrete


Euphoria was fleeting, left me crying tears of joy

I thought that I would never for a second leave the void…


Come take drugs with me, lock eyes and

travel on one wavelength, I’ll take your hand

Rub it on my cheek. Kiss it –

I’m complete.


Sappy when I’m mellow

drinking Mellow Yellow…It’s good, no?




Words of Encouragement 

Unloved, friendless, resentment

Unoccupied, complacent, tormented by the past

Weak, anemic, swaying crazily as light breeze passes
Diminished, discouraged, decimated
Inarticulate, unwise, revolting reflection

Shameful, embarrassed for existing in this state
Competed, defeated, crumbling

The Day We Changed Seats

Sitting next to the hottest girl in class

So far I’ve been scoring points, racked up tons of laughs

And she’s been showing me tons of love

I’m even a lucky recipient of her daily hugs

Running up from distant enough locations

That render me frozen in bashful anticipation

But now it seems our teacher has decided

To divide us – with a new seating assignment 😦


Scraping my name tag off of my former desk

Hoping I sit close enough to still impress

Carrying my belongings to where I sit now

Listening intently for her name to be announced

And when it was said, I was crushed from within

She’s as far away from me as she can be…and nooo

Not next to HIM!!

The only kid who could pose a threat

He’s a good looking dude, funny as can get – (respect)

Even I like him – and that just makes me more upset

Jealousy rises when for some reason she brushes his neck

Observing my teacher carefully like: “Is she in on this?”

5 minutes pass: I wonder if I’m sorely missed

Anyway, this completes

My journal entry: The Day We Changed Seats

A Whiff of Her

The allure of scents enchanting

Clung tight to where you were

Once pressed my face against the skin

Where concentrated was the mist

Picture hounds striking poses of pomposity

I detect you somewhere close

And spot a figure with her back to me

Salivating I approached


Contemplating Her Misery

Joy radiates from Ex’s misery

Raising two kids? Hope it’s unbearable

Terrible enough to make you ponder

What could have been with yours truly – conjure

The exaltation, elation daily

Wonder some more – lament orgasms lost

Pause in the middle of the day to think

The captain of your ship led you to sink


Meanwhile, I’m miles ahead and nearing land


Concentrate, contemplate old misgivings

Consider how wonderfully I’m living

A young exceptional professional

Father of your children? Detestable

I smile under mountains of unpaid bills

It’d break my heart to know you’ve moved uphill

The Right Words

How many different ways can a scene be painted

How many different descriptions can exist

To describe a state of consciousness

Love, everyone loves to interpret

Seldom with the perfect twist

But is it not bliss? Is the head on the nail not hit?

When a unique combination of words just captures it

These words – strung in the precise way that they are

Even a materialist would say: they came from the heart



Hot tears and surging emotions

Locking eyes with a stranger in the midst of commotion

Feigning disinterest as she drifts away with the ocean

Why do I do this?

This must be what’s called lunacy

Frantically shoving through crowds

Searching for you and me

Opportunity lost

Consoling to think that you are

Fighting the tide just as hard

For the sake of a bashful fellow

You saw right through my facade

And although we both know the truth

Time waits for no love

We have drifted too far apart

A Dark Light Shines

Backpedalling into darkness

Flummoxed by tranquility

Forgetting how to maneuver

If only I KNEW her…

Attempting to capture prestige in a bottle

“Okay so, bottle…model…lotto…Otto…”

Eating by myself during lunch break

A single tear moistens a sandwich

Wondering if everything I do –

Is perceived as outlandish…

Morphing from insecure to crazy

The darkness consumed me

And now it contains me


Random Pt. 3 (Alphabetical Alliteration)

Articulating art appreciation awfully

Beholding beauty beyond belief

Concentrating closely, competing crazily

Digging desperately, depth delved deep

Entrenched – excited, enticed, express energy enigmatically

Fantasizing, fitting fragments, forming fortunate future

Grasp greedily, get greatest gardening gear – Grow ganja

Honing humor, handing her heaven happily

Illusion interrupted, infidelity infiltrates – infects

Javelin jammed, jesters joining jolly jeers

Kratom. Kettle. Kerry Kittles Killed Kaleer

Longing. Losing Last Lover. Labeled: “Lethargic Lunatic”

Miss my Muse. Mundane. Making mine meds misused

Nightly noose. noggin’s neck, Nutty Nectar, napping nude

Odious Omnipotent Overlord of Ours

Planet please! Promptly Putrefy people presently possessing Political Power

Quarantined, questions quintessentially queer – quizzical

Retiring rapidly, receiving ridicule

Surging stamina steaming softly, screaming syllables

Terminating terms, terminating tantalizing talking

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly,

Violence, valor, violating voluptuous Violets

Wanting war, whimpering, whining, women wined with

Xanax, Xanax, Xanax, Xanax, Xanax

Yew yell “Yahweh!”



Epiphany: I really would not care if my grandma died

It would hurt my Mom, and –

Perhaps by extension, it would bother me

But I cannot say – least not honestly

That my grandma’s death would be my tragedy

In addition, I declare the same absence for both

They can even die together. Accident. Boat.

I’ll hardly be moved, tears oh-so remote

“I’m sorry Grand Mother. I don’t know why –

I would not care if you died”