I consist

of consciousness – that’s it

A sorry life, excuses flow profusely

Despair dares to pursue me

Seeks me incessantly

Looks under the bed, in the closet

in the most secluded chambers of my mind, hiding silently

Found frequently, maimed more

Compelled to purchase pain in store

Takes me like the tide

Fingers clawing at the sand…

Totally Nonrandom

Playing a harmonica like this


And then getting asked for a French kiss

Viewing the world microscopically

Reduced to tears, someone’s mopping me

Buried alive, pounding on the coffin door

So bored that one wouldn’t mind going to war

A diet that consists of coffee and cigarettes

“You know those can cause cancer”

No?! Where did you hear this?

Almost hysterical, three months to see a psychiatrist

And I don’t want to talk, just give me recreational meds

I need to neurochemically decompress

If the POTUS saw me he’d say:

“You’re a mess”




Sleep Paralysis

Nodding off, semi-conscious while drifting

Into the distance, serenity waits

Eyelids have done their fair share of lifting

At last I am meeting my slumbering fate


“No, what is this? Mmmm – Am I audible?”

Mumble some more, try to signal distress

“Just get up!” but muscles are hard to move

My mind and my body wont coalesce


Laying inertly “is this how it feels

To be trapped in a vegetative state?

Can’t manage a gesture, muster a squeal?

Okay, one more time – think of using strength”


Yes, I’m moving! I shook myself awake

Yell as I rise and fall back into place