A Bad Hombre

An immigrant came from Costa Rica

Went to Starbucks and raped a barista

Fled the scene in a stolen Mercedes

Driving drunk, killed a mom and (you guessed it) her baby

On his way to rob a PNC bank

“It’s a bad hombre! Get out of the way!”

Clerk at the bank was cooperative

So she was raped but was allowed to live

Then he passed by parks, selling drugs to kids

Found a Sanctuary City and hid

Following day, he visited his folks

They’re good people, by the way, unlike most

Thanks to Trump, this scumbag was caught and shipped

Back home to Costa Rica – good riddance!

Ivanka Fantasy

Making love to Ivanka

Sex is so hot we need a chimney

“Is your dad really retarded?”

“Oh yeah – bigly”

Suddenly, the lights are turned on by her husband

In seconds, my lights were turned off by her husband

The last thing I saw was my angel Ivanka

Thrown on to the bed, her legs spread for her papa