Starting from Scratch

Evolved primates possess unique prisms

Lending credence to creationism


Here is an empirical example

The blank page on my screen is now ample

With words said especially when trampled

Animal recording what it rambles


Starting anew, starting fresh, starting now

Now and then reacting with a little: “wow”


Squirrels gather in the woods with notepads

Read what they have – some are somber, some glad

Head nodding is a sign of empathy

“Life as a squirrel wasn’t meant for me…”


Trying to think of a thought unexplored

And leap on to its back just as it soars





Against the people like OJ Simpson

Period blood the color of crimson

Do as I wish like dreaming lucidly

Ignoring dentists speaking toothlessly

Fled the prison of Catholicism

Coming back to tear apart the system

When in Rome, present Popes are the hunted

Choice: death or disavow all the dumb shit

Rising through the ranks with no one to thank

Never need to say “if I’m being frank”

Performance in accordance with greatness

Handing off a live grenade like “take this”

Airborne drone over civilian homes

Aimed at jou like Palestinian stones


JFK crashing down your door in a panic

JFK bleeding out in your living room, you soak up the blood with one napkin

JFK fighting Lee Harvey Oswald

JFK playing softball

JFK getting high all day

JFK executing someone for being gay

JFK sweating hard in purgatory

JFK telling you a bedtime story

JFK smacking your ass

JFK pass me the grass

Transcendent Astroid

Getting raped by god

Deciding whether to spell (G)(g)od with the lowercase or capital gee

Infecting god with HIV

A man free falling into the pavement

Setting up a perimeter around the crater

#HolyCrator trending on Twitter

Putting god’s remains in a museum

Going to the exhibit and turning to the person next to you like:

“I can’t even see ’em”