A Bad Hombre

An immigrant came from Costa Rica

Went to Starbucks and raped a barista

Fled the scene in a stolen Mercedes

Driving drunk, killed a mom and (you guessed it) her baby

On his way to rob a PNC bank

“It’s a bad hombre! Get out of the way!”

Clerk at the bank was cooperative

So she was raped but was allowed to live

Then he passed by parks, selling drugs to kids

Found a Sanctuary City and hid

Following day, he visited his folks

They’re good people, by the way, unlike most

Thanks to Trump, this scumbag was caught and shipped

Back home to Costa Rica – good riddance!


I consist

of consciousness – that’s it

A sorry life, excuses flow profusely

Despair dares to pursue me

Seeks me incessantly

Looks under the bed, in the closet

in the most secluded chambers of my mind, hiding silently

Found frequently, maimed more

Compelled to purchase pain in store

Takes me like the tide

Fingers clawing at the sand…

The Dullness of Days

Mundane Monday. Clock ticks lethargically.

Look outside and see a snapshot of laboring.

Anguished face angled back. Sobbing silently.

A bathroom light illuminates a spirit caged.

Stepping back into the world wholly collected.

Toiling away in a cycle unbeatable, unstoppable.

Wearing self-destruction.

Timer reads: ??/??/????

Totally Nonrandom

Playing a harmonica like this


And then getting asked for a French kiss

Viewing the world microscopically

Reduced to tears, someone’s mopping me

Buried alive, pounding on the coffin door

So bored that one wouldn’t mind going to war

A diet that consists of coffee and cigarettes

“You know those can cause cancer”

No?! Where did you hear this?

Almost hysterical, three months to see a psychiatrist

And I don’t want to talk, just give me recreational meds

I need to neurochemically decompress

If the POTUS saw me he’d say:

“You’re a mess”




Masturbation (Men's Edition)

Addicted to masturbating

What is dating? Jeopardy!

“Umm, what is mating?”

Sometimes I go

For an hour or more

The payoff is huge

Nearly empty the store

Then there are times

When I must be as quick as the Flash

10 minutes or less

Waste of a splash

Regret will come later

I’m certain, I know

When I have plenty of time

But my tank’s running low

When I plan to have sex

With a new gal I’ve seduced

My main aim is to hinder

These hands from forming a noose

2 days minimum

Preserve cum, jizz, semen, some call it skeet

Or else my performance

Is shamefully weak

Lackluster for her, and even for me

Ejaculation is scarcely anything sweet

But so often I cave

To incessant demands

After a day

“Please, please, one time won’t change anything, man”

I’ve been late to work plenty

On account of this deed

Dashed into the shower with astonishing speed

And remained there with leisure

Dedicating time to my Meat

How gross you might think

To share so graphic a tale

So extensive, this writing

Jam-packed with detail

Well, what can I say

It’s tough not to write

In this elaborate way

About something I do

Day after day 😉

More Depressing Shit

Painful like aborting quintuplets

When the woman is 5 months in

By now you can tell, I tend to dwell

In a setting worse than Christian hell

Sharpest of arrows, the sturdiest bow

Aimless – at what do I aim this thing though?

Getting nowhere fast, must have shattered the record

And no, that was not the intent of my strenuous efforts

Memorizing pages of Alien Nation’s dictionary

At best I remember momentarily

Lapses in my memory occur customarily

No one is aware of me

But I’m aware of them

I once had a dream, it gleamed like a gem

Back when my sleep cycles used to reach REM


Wake up before it

Environment is boring

Not worth exploring

But I just can’t ignore it

Like a rat in the same

Cage for ages

Nothing changes

Not location nor sadistic faces

So then

What is

My deepest desire?

To flee far from

Familiarity’s empire

Identity Theft

Someone stole my identity – unwittingly

Just minutes after that person looked into me:

“You’ve got to be KIDDING me!!!”

Dismayed that he was now the epitome of a person living shittily

Almost instantly, he called from a hideout in Italy

I picked up slowly, wiping away my tears of victory

“I fucked up, didn’t I? Will you take yourself back?

I’ll give you a little bit of this, a little bit of that.”

I respectfully declined as he cleared his throat

“Under my ass is a chair, in my hand is a rope.”

I urged him to stop, I urged him to cope

There will be days when you mope

Days when you’re broke

And of course, days with the features of both

Ofttimes you will note

As you run out of coke

That this life…so far…the majority’s pain

You’d have to be masochistic to want to remain!

Eyes shut with a grimace, pillow tearfully stained

WHEN?! WHEN?! WHEN?!…….will my fortune change?

Pain…I just think…pain

But I implore you to endure, take it from a fellow

Tortured human being, elation could be right around the…hello?