City in the Sex

Sucking on her fine-grained tits

Outside the window lay the remnants of neo-anarchy

Kissing her smooth peachy ass

The universe had us in mind

Kissing her overworked feet

There’s semen in that magazine!

Nibbling on her overly pierced ear

Imagine skydiving directly into a manhole

Licking her squeaky clean asshole

An off duty archer with an eye for a dandelion

Munching lightly the softness of her face

This pertains to someone somewhat new, not yet tried and true

Sex In The City

Walloping her thick brown ass

with the weight of my penis.

Run my hand in her

hair and bring a ponytail back.

She laughs like she’s crazy

I suck her neck like ME vampire

but I’m slaying her like Buffy.

I came, I saw, and came again.

Pillow talk that goes in-depth.

Her eyes are big and knowing

They dart too much for comfort.

Her breasts she does not cover

Mid-sentence I tried to sneak a touch

She slapped my hand away

but made me bow my head to suck



Walk Into a…

Walk into a Target with a metallic mallet

Bang the lone living cashier on the crown he drops dead

The remaining cashiers are robotic and immune to harm & suffering

What is up with this shit? With this shit, what is up?

I unplug them, they die.

When I want to cry, I fear my faucet is dry and not a single drop from it I’ll get

I am crucified on the corner where Panic and Time intersect.

Walk into a Walmart where the human workers are somehow more miserable than me

An old black lady ran up to me pleading, “KILL meeeeeee!”

But never would I injure folks demoralized

My luck, it’s just

When I finally feel the urge to help it is simply beyond my means to


Walk into a CVS undressed with realism showing

Down the aisle I am tiptoeing – till my body is spotted

Spotted by a hot chick we fuck right then and there

Then we drop it! – It’s some hot shit, yes, some hot shit it is

Walk into my house the lights are out and all is quiet

This is the kind of silence that stokes desire to start a riot

I believe in non-violence, unless it’s in self-defense – and I’m always on the defensive








Illusions of Grandeur Pt. 2

Grip the corner of a strip of tape

Slowly unveling a great source of pleasure

Her pretty little mouth is like a splotch of pink-red

Barked my instructions: “Give head”

She hesitates but the law of the land is that which I legislate

My purplish brown penis fully levitates

Hunched over her face now, her mouth is my playground

The joy she brings me elates her too

Her mind wonders what else Jose will make her do

10 Minutes Later

….like a rabid dog, had to have it raw

I’m high like an eagle, she gets spread like an eagle

Her way out of this one she will not weasel

Downloading my hardware into her software

Half a ruler slides into her digital information

Has her squirming like she’s impatient

I told her that’s not a virtue

She said: “I can’t wait to hurt you”

I said: “Baby, you have to wait your turn to”

I’m going balls deep, piping her like I’m knifing her

Loving her, like really, really loving her

Her warm pussy is like a hot highway and I’m trucking her

Bust a nut in her, I swear to her God I’m loving her

30 Seconds Later

…kissing her, slowing down, kissing her

Tomorrow I will be missing her

But as of now I’m kissing her


Part 3 is in the works

Illusions of Grandeur Pt. 1

Sucking on her tits with mankind’s fury

Squeezing her breasts with the grasp of true understanding

Smelling her and telling her I fell for her

Untucking her, without interrupting her

sleep whilst I’m fucking her.

Penetrating like a missile through a “Keep Out” sign

She’s the leader of our pack – I’m behind.

Illusions of grandeur, grab her arms and stretch them back – I’m commander

Sex crazed, I can’t tell exactly who is the sex slave.

Tying her like a crucifix on her bed yeah I do exist

Mounting her chest and…

They Are Among Us

Itch to do her, like homework amid class

Best branch on bank, I’m an eager beaver

When she gets up, a chance to see her ass

Roll out of bed assuming I’ll see her


Combusting with confessions, lust stretches

We speak, I converse like I’m not perverse

Tonight I’ll conceive more, your nude sketches

A thought of her precipitates each jerk


Contemplate being the source of pleasure

Just by being and allowing seeing

Image of yours used to fend off stressors

That, you cannot fathom, yet engender


List all who you knew and orgasmed to

But never once fucked, they had not a clue


Hiring a hacker

For $500

he will email me

pictures of my friend’s sister.


This hacker

his alias is Dirty Little Mister

Refreshing my inbox incessantly –

today is going to be the day –

or my money back!


When you mix

the pervy with the nerdy

this is what you get


No disrespect

I just want to see you naked

For courting have no patience

and that time might be wasted

This is better. You’re so unsuspecting.


Staying caffeinated

Big can of Mountain Dew

sitting by my side

Chipper and antsy

like children on Christmas


I get an email

Subject says: ENJOY – 15 images from phone

Saw nipples and I freaked

Got up in disbelief and paced

Shot glances at the screen

till I believed


I said goodnight

to family members who were up

If they think I’m sleeping

they’ll be less likely to interrupt

You see? I’m pointing at my right temple now –

I’m smart


I’ll just

say this about the pics

They were the shit!

Worth every penny

This is material

for nights plenty


Weeks later

I walked by her

She was on the porch

with her boyfriend, talking

We both looked at her


And we probably both

see through her clothes

with a quite

accurate imagination

Or at the very least –

just me 😉