They Are Among Us

Itch to do her, like homework amid class

Best branch on bank, I’m an eager beaver

When she gets up, a chance to see her ass

Roll out of bed assuming I’ll see her


Combusting with confessions, lust stretches

We speak, I converse like I’m not perverse

Tonight I’ll conceive more, your nude sketches

A thought of her precipitates each jerk


Contemplate being the source of pleasure

Just by being and allowing seeing

Image of yours used to fend off stressors

That, you cannot fathom, yet engender


List all who you knew and orgasmed to

But never once fucked, they had not a clue


Hiring a hacker

For $500

he will email me

pictures of my friend’s sister.


This hacker

his alias is Dirty Little Mister

Refreshing my inbox incessantly –

today is going to be the day –

or my money back!


When you mix

the pervy with the nerdy

this is what you get


No disrespect

I just want to see you naked

For courting have no patience

and that time might be wasted

This is better. You’re so unsuspecting.


Staying caffeinated

Big can of Mountain Dew

sitting by my side

Chipper and antsy

like children on Christmas


I get an email

Subject says: ENJOY – 15 images from phone

Saw nipples and I freaked

Got up in disbelief and paced

Shot glances at the screen

till I believed


I said goodnight

to family members who were up

If they think I’m sleeping

they’ll be less likely to interrupt

You see? I’m pointing at my right temple now –

I’m smart


I’ll just

say this about the pics

They were the shit!

Worth every penny

This is material

for nights plenty


Weeks later

I walked by her

She was on the porch

with her boyfriend, talking

We both looked at her


And we probably both

see through her clothes

with a quite

accurate imagination

Or at the very least –

just me 😉


Im sick, man. So sick in head, sickening head

Sarah, come put a sickle through my head

Im sick, man. Im a sick man. Im a man?

I feel more like a boy – at best a teen

Im sick, man – I need dextroamphetamine

Im sick, masturbating like crazy, Im sick

I used to have a popsicle

Rubbed it down to a stick

Sicko. Picking up prostitutes at a Citgo

Theyre sick. Im sick.

Thought I was slicktill I slipped

On my own damn semen

See, men? (And women)

Im sick.

Infrared Infrastructure

Pubic hairs lost in the wind

Naked men chasing women into caves

Dirty dancing on top of a bus, party

Part in the hair with a comb so classy

Flash a smile for forty-five minutes

Infrared Infrastructure


Hermit inhabits cell, solo

Seminal writings – prophetic, enabling

Receiving oral sex for one hour

Turn on the hose, gardening, hose hardening

Jumping from roof to roof

Falling and waking up, dreamed death


Riding a seal into battle with dolphins

As the sun sets, silhouettes – shields, swords

Engaging combatants

Hopeless romantic willing to snatch Defiance


Flying with a Mayan

Hover over temples of gods, shitty

Engulfed by volcanic activity

Like a rectum reamed with a red pepper

Fired up to do violence, just destruction

Home invasion

Sparked by scent of windowsill’s fresh muffins


Infrared Infrastructure

Masturbating manually

A little pussy like Sean Hannity

Tempts one to live longer, linger

Fisting an orifice with ten fingers

And ten toes

Masturbating manually


Harping on history, personal

Pardon prosaic brooding

Mind disqualified from achieving

Status normal, bleed blood bleeding

Masturbating to see milk

Dripping from the Walls of Silk

In mind’s eye, loser’s illusion



Off –putting, obnoxious

Obtusely noxious

Insensitive recalcitrant

Buried with erection poking

Out of the dirt, stroking


Consensual Sex


Raped by two ugly men in a basement

Angelic face held tight, forced to lock lips

Belt clinks, legs spread, mound nestles the cock’s tip

Dry sex, feeling her breast in amazement


Unworthy yet here she is under you

Struggle met with slaps to the beauty’s face

Teach her the Room of Doom has no escape

Whisper things like: “I’ve dreamed of fucking you”


“That’s right, this is our precious body now”

Kissing her belly, so flat and so toned

Cotton candy penetrated by stone

“Please, no. Don’t. I’m only fifteen. Oh. Ow!”


Sweet ejaculation, semen oozing

“That pussy, I want to keep abusing”






Masturbation (Men's Edition)

Addicted to masturbating

What is dating? Jeopardy!

“Umm, what is mating?”

Sometimes I go

For an hour or more

The payoff is huge

Nearly empty the store

Then there are times

When I must be as quick as the Flash

10 minutes or less

Waste of a splash

Regret will come later

I’m certain, I know

When I have plenty of time

But my tank’s running low

When I plan to have sex

With a new gal I’ve seduced

My main aim is to hinder

These hands from forming a noose

2 days minimum

Preserve cum, jizz, semen, some call it skeet

Or else my performance

Is shamefully weak

Lackluster for her, and even for me

Ejaculation is scarcely anything sweet

But so often I cave

To incessant demands

After a day

“Please, please, one time won’t change anything, man”

I’ve been late to work plenty

On account of this deed

Dashed into the shower with astonishing speed

And remained there with leisure

Dedicating time to my Meat

How gross you might think

To share so graphic a tale

So extensive, this writing

Jam-packed with detail

Well, what can I say

It’s tough not to write

In this elaborate way

About something I do

Day after day 😉

Erotic Insomnia


Move in the morning like a zombie acts

Disordered by anxiety – generally speaking


At my neighbor’s voluptuous figure


Is open like a candid individual


Stimulation, heart racing like Olympians


Under the water dispensed by the shower head


I return to smiling the smile of a creep


Ivanka Fantasy

Making love to Ivanka

Sex is so hot we need a chimney

“Is your dad really retarded?”

“Oh yeah – bigly”

Suddenly, the lights are turned on by her husband

In seconds, my lights were turned off by her husband

The last thing I saw was my angel Ivanka

Thrown on to the bed, her legs spread for her papa


Random Pt. 11

Back from a 1-day hiatus

Feeling as glum as ever

Epitomizing what hate is

Fancying myself as clever

A bag of chips with a Mountain Dew

Remember this: I’m on to you

How many people are brave enough to say

They masturbated profusely on Valentine’s Day?

I didn’t!


The 1st Time


Recall the sensation, the greatest elation

The first ejaculation, heart and thoughts racing

When you discovered masturbation – amazing

But haven’t quite been able to replicate it

Not for a lack of trying, it just abated

With time, the thrill became casual

But man that initial burst of joy!

Made an impression like an asteroid

Sadly, that impression doubles as a void 😦