Random Pt. 14

Orange Fanta with the fridge light shining

Quenching beads melt on the drinkers nude chest

Male or female? A drinker of which sex?


His/her distinction is driving him mad

This lad defaults to his sex in vocab

Far from sexist but I do have gonads

Need not ask permission to grab. Not sad!


Sandwich made with random ingredients

Meals of a culinary deviant

Assign me the judge who’s least lenient


Sluggish and satisfied, walking to bed

It’s time to get rest/pretend that I’m dead






Sleep Paralysis

Nodding off, semi-conscious while drifting

Into the distance, serenity waits

Eyelids have done their fair share of lifting

At last I am meeting my slumbering fate


“No, what is this? Mmmm – Am I audible?”

Mumble some more, try to signal distress

“Just get up!” but muscles are hard to move

My mind and my body wont coalesce


Laying inertly “is this how it feels

To be trapped in a vegetative state?

Can’t manage a gesture, muster a squeal?

Okay, one more time – think of using strength”


Yes, I’m moving! I shook myself awake

Yell as I rise and fall back into place


Erotic Insomnia


Move in the morning like a zombie acts

Disordered by anxiety – generally speaking


At my neighbor’s voluptuous figure


Is open like a candid individual


Stimulation, heart racing like Olympians


Under the water dispensed by the shower head


I return to smiling the smile of a creep