Life How I See It Right Now

I am lost like humanity; similar to humanity

I am lost.

Opinions chime dictatorial since time


Here I am hanging on, assuming I’ll contradict current conditions soon

I am sustaining myself, providing means to maintain my own mental health

This soul’s situation is dire like the ones of most Americans you hear about

Basically: existential crisis meets financial crisis – the problem thus encapsulated

Humanity is lost like Jose; similar to Jose

humanity is lost.

Politicians squirm professorial since time immemorial

A violent revolution, I long to see it happen

Organizing mass action, it is difficult to do

Marching is a waste, just another stage for soul-sucking

phones to participate in photo ops

Akin to the Bible, I don’t have all the answers, if any

I am just a guy in a maze constructed by strangers

This maze, to navigate is no issue of the category trivial

Critical steps, each one, sometimes it’s best you don’t take one

Myself, I am a stranger though I have met a lot of people

Kept in touch with very few,

so now my social network’s feeble.


Of the human species I’ma member, a creature brought about by the hand of evolution

I see my circumstances and yes, if I had a loving God, I would ask for absolution

Faced with a life of mediocrity, I wonder if another decade’s gonna change that

My brother is suffering the same and I lament that I can’t change that

So, what can I do?

I’m smoking Newports like I’m Jesus taking no thought for tomorrow

Odd Man Out – BayArt

Some people seek to diagnose me so I diagnose them

Not with a mental disorder but with their true intent.

Some people enjoy viewing my distress

ME enjoy watching 9/11 jumper videos so – voyeurism, I get the fondness for it

ME, Jose Austen, is quite fond of the leaf like stegosaurus.

No one is aware of me but I’m aware of them

I am not aloof, I concentrate on THEM.

But I am not friendly – because THEY are not my friends.

I have no friends aside from imaginary friends

ME play pretend and also play with action figures

ME eat Gerber Baby applesauce

and drink sippy cups of warm milk to get bigger.

ME be watching Arthur and sometimes I watch Clifford

A toddler telling grown-ups I demand, not beg to differ.

Ready to live or die by my Yu-gi-oh cards

I think most people are closeted Frauds.

Am I? That’s for you to judge

But who the fuck are you? Just another person for all of us to judge.

Source: Odd Man Out – BayArt

They Are Among Us

Itch to do her, like homework amid class

Best branch on bank, I’m an eager beaver

When she gets up, a chance to see her ass

Roll out of bed assuming I’ll see her


Combusting with confessions, lust stretches

We speak, I converse like I’m not perverse

Tonight I’ll conceive more, your nude sketches

A thought of her precipitates each jerk


Contemplate being the source of pleasure

Just by being and allowing seeing

Image of yours used to fend off stressors

That, you cannot fathom, yet engender


List all who you knew and orgasmed to

But never once fucked, they had not a clue

A Day Without…

A day without group Z

24 hours without group K

1,440 minutes without a lesbian

86, 400 seconds without a Guatemalan Mexican


Supreme material for the satirical

When you think it’s over – no; it starts again

My proposal to the next organizers:

7 minutes without oxygen


Hey! Hey, now my group! Do my group next!

Pick us, pick us

I swear, we’re so important

We want the whole world to know it

Presence by omission

Once or twice – I get it

Now nauseating head shaking

when I find about more spinoffs


I’m no one, but I think I speak for many

Many racists out there side with me

Went to a meeting with one once,

Walked in like: Be cool, he’s alright with me


But also on my side…plenty people who don’t care

about your hue, about distinctions


A day without group Z.2

24 hours without group K.2

1,440 minutes without an Englishman

86, 400 seconds without me?  Oh, that’s refreshing


Infrared Infrastructure

Pubic hairs lost in the wind

Naked men chasing women into caves

Dirty dancing on top of a bus, party

Part in the hair with a comb so classy

Flash a smile for forty-five minutes

Infrared Infrastructure


Hermit inhabits cell, solo

Seminal writings – prophetic, enabling

Receiving oral sex for one hour

Turn on the hose, gardening, hose hardening

Jumping from roof to roof

Falling and waking up, dreamed death


Riding a seal into battle with dolphins

As the sun sets, silhouettes – shields, swords

Engaging combatants

Hopeless romantic willing to snatch Defiance


Flying with a Mayan

Hover over temples of gods, shitty

Engulfed by volcanic activity

Like a rectum reamed with a red pepper

Fired up to do violence, just destruction

Home invasion

Sparked by scent of windowsill’s fresh muffins


Infrared Infrastructure

Masturbating manually

A little pussy like Sean Hannity

Tempts one to live longer, linger

Fisting an orifice with ten fingers

And ten toes

Masturbating manually


Harping on history, personal

Pardon prosaic brooding

Mind disqualified from achieving

Status normal, bleed blood bleeding

Masturbating to see milk

Dripping from the Walls of Silk

In mind’s eye, loser’s illusion



Off –putting, obnoxious

Obtusely noxious

Insensitive recalcitrant

Buried with erection poking

Out of the dirt, stroking


The Dullness of Days

Mundane Monday. Clock ticks lethargically.

Look outside and see a snapshot of laboring.

Anguished face angled back. Sobbing silently.

A bathroom light illuminates a spirit caged.

Stepping back into the world wholly collected.

Toiling away in a cycle unbeatable, unstoppable.

Wearing self-destruction.

Timer reads: ??/??/????

Random Pt. 15

I am frank, no relation to Ann Frank

Flash a smile so sly it bleeds deception

King of Hills like Bobby, Peggy, AND Hank

Strutting around with a caged erection
Groaning loudly at shameless race baiting

Laughing out loud at feigned sincerity

After school there’s only awkward dating

Pretext gone, now awaiting rarities
Adopting solitude, loathing weekends

Fixate on something or face a crisis

Could be dire to disrobe from pretense

Asking in circles: is this what life is?

Note the irony of being alone
We’re all with you 🙂
Everyone is alone!