Rhyming Scroll

Soaring predatorily

Morally disorderly

Abhorrently quarantined

Warring victoriously

Ignoring seniority

Exploring the poetry

Informing pictorially

Performing most morbidly

And storing some more of these

Wield swords dictatorially

Ignoring authorities

In forest trees foraging

Imploring conformity

Adjoining majorities

Historic enormity

Transforming accordingly

Accord forming sordidly

But quarreling cordially

Heroic his soldiery

Enduring so stoically

Securing a rosary

Alluring is sorcery

Cured some living hopelessly

Words lurid like POTUS speech

Speak coarsely, ferociously

Braggadocios, boastingly

Hoisting trophies noisily

Voicing quotability










A Dark Light Shines

Backpedalling into darkness

Flummoxed by tranquility

Forgetting how to maneuver

If only I KNEW her…

Attempting to capture prestige in a bottle

“Okay so, bottle…model…lotto…Otto…”

Eating by myself during lunch break

A single tear moistens a sandwich

Wondering if everything I do –

Is perceived as outlandish…

Morphing from insecure to crazy

The darkness consumed me

And now it contains me


Random Pt. 5

Feasting on cereal with savage glee

Sound of Cracking Knuckles – then mastery

Old, stale poem – left at the podium

Start refining it like petroleum

Sending troops to pillage Mongolia

Glazed eyes spot Inglorious Gloria

Dodge the draft like bullets in The Matrix

Join the Army next administration

Pressure was eased the moment knees buckled

Stiff man with a woman oh-so supple

Common Problem & Meandering

Debating whether one should masturbate in the car

There’s a traffic jam and you live far

Swearing that the next vehicle you buy will be an SUV

Make it a challenge for other drivers to watch a pervert play with his pee-pee

Or what they call Vajayjay


Reality is Riveting

Exhibiting signs of Malcontent

Killing two guards and entering the tent

Blessed with oral sex

Became friends with a guy named Rex

Listen…Princess, sometimes life is a Peach

But when it’s not, life is a shhhhh…. 😉

Random Pt.2

Including ads on my “site” because of course

I’m broke to the core

You thinking: “I don’t want to read this no more.”

Visualizing infinite possibilities in 1.4 seconds

Dying in combat using your brain as a weapon

Taught a lesson so severe, she stumbled

And shivered

Almost climbed back but she crumbled

And withered

Killed a broad for shrieking out “I’m with her”

Now obliged to equally demean my fellow Mr.s

Never knowing where I’m going when I’m typing

Labeled unnatural, creating poems with no writing

…anyway, Poetry Police came once

Wasn’t using old wig-wearing wigga Words enough

Ordered obedience at my door, was I a tame pup?

Mmm…no, when I came: RUFF!

Wait…said something bad about Whites back there

Now I have to diss Browns, what’s fair

Is fair


[Hold on; I have to go sell a drug]…….


Allah prohibits achieving the mental state they call crunk

The pressure is building up…

You know how…

Before a mass shooting the shooter might say a bunch

Of heinous stuff, just playing tough

But then to the victims’ dismay erupts

The dam that sealed away the raging nut?

Yup 🙂