Sky, Inspire Me

Lasso around a cloud

makes a balloon – and string

held by an animal


Over the shoulder carry

a dream found, captured.

My dream is not a slave.


Parading around town.

Navy blue sports jacket

Jeans the color of bats


Bare feet connect my dream

to concrete plan, concrete.

I’m just the medium.


Now, once upon a night

I thought ambitious thoughts.

I went to the garage

and found what I had sought


I spun it over head –

spun like propellers, fast.

Blue bike popped a wheelie,

caught meaning as it passed


Nights long, fasting – feasting

on quick ruminations,

the things that make blueprints.

Write while weight is erasing


Drift ever so lightly, heels scrape the ground

Carried by my comrades – I love you guys

Rising. Rising.  I weigh nearly no pounds

Take off for good with propulsion of sigh


My dreams, you see…are attached to me

My neck is where they latched on to…breath (?)

Artful Little Aardvark

The aardvark smiles when the clock strikes 12

A plan centers around you and locks you

inside a station circular – the circle is the station



Banging a nail through a wall with forehead’s force

Washing hands with just water

Whimpering in a corner like a scared little boy



Shuffling along, passing scenes chaotic

Diving into garbage, hope no one sees me

Finding trash, think it treasure – easy


Standing in awe at an art museum

Portrait hangs over me with exaggerated enormity

Blown back for staring too long


Travel back to when all was still

No time to kill

I am real




I consist

of consciousness – that’s it

A sorry life, excuses flow profusely

Despair dares to pursue me

Seeks me incessantly

Looks under the bed, in the closet

in the most secluded chambers of my mind, hiding silently

Found frequently, maimed more

Compelled to purchase pain in store

Takes me like the tide

Fingers clawing at the sand…

Random Pt. 16


Manipulated my misfortune

Managed to mold malignant masses of cells

Into missiles that exit the mouth in one long belch

Magical biology. How?

My policy: Even if you ask, I won’t tell. Or can’t tell

Fairy tale.

Faring worse than peacocks fare without tails


Not even in the ballpark

Yet, I too can catch a home run ball

From outside its walls

4 deflated tires

Stuck in the muck of a quagmire

Quadruply mired

Daydream more than I dream at night

Dusting off the seat of my old Mongoose bike

To ride again

Propulsion fueled by peddling

Piercing the wind

Flying through the cosmos

Land on a rock where life lives

Kneel in the grass with Mike Tyson

Seems like a nice guy but still frightening

Strange creatures crawling like all of my skin

When Tyson inquired: “You ever experiment with men?”

When he wasn’t looking, I took advantage

Shoved him off of the surface

And he fell on a neighboring planet

Shouted threats that shattered the Earth

The sound waves walloped me into the dirt

And the earth turned into debris

The Dullness of Days

Mundane Monday. Clock ticks lethargically.

Look outside and see a snapshot of laboring.

Anguished face angled back. Sobbing silently.

A bathroom light illuminates a spirit caged.

Stepping back into the world wholly collected.

Toiling away in a cycle unbeatable, unstoppable.

Wearing self-destruction.

Timer reads: ??/??/????

Random Pt. 15

I am frank, no relation to Ann Frank

Flash a smile so sly it bleeds deception

King of Hills like Bobby, Peggy, AND Hank

Strutting around with a caged erection
Groaning loudly at shameless race baiting

Laughing out loud at feigned sincerity

After school there’s only awkward dating

Pretext gone, now awaiting rarities
Adopting solitude, loathing weekends

Fixate on something or face a crisis

Could be dire to disrobe from pretense

Asking in circles: is this what life is?

Note the irony of being alone
We’re all with you 🙂
Everyone is alone!

Starting from Scratch

Evolved primates possess unique prisms

Lending credence to creationism


Here is an empirical example

The blank page on my screen is now ample

With words said especially when trampled

Animal recording what it rambles


Starting anew, starting fresh, starting now

Now and then reacting with a little: “wow”


Squirrels gather in the woods with notepads

Read what they have – some are somber, some glad

Head nodding is a sign of empathy

“Life as a squirrel wasn’t meant for me…”


Trying to think of a thought unexplored

And leap on to its back just as it soars




Feeling Retarded

Feeling retarded after what you said

Tirelessly imagine perspectives

How did so and so interpret my gaffe?

Maybe it was viewed as a joke – for laughs…


Well, I’m in a regular class so then…

How could I be retarded? They know that!

Am I blowing this out of proportion?

Twisted minds can do mental contortions


But anyway, why did I say that dumb shit?

No more lapses; rehearse before speaking

But I’m still brooding over this blunder

I must address it, to wane my wonder


“Hey, oh…that dumb thing I said yesterday…”

“What dumb thing?”

“I’m not retarded, okay?!”

A Whiff of Her

The allure of scents enchanting

Clung tight to where you were

Once pressed my face against the skin

Where concentrated was the mist

Picture hounds striking poses of pomposity

I detect you somewhere close

And spot a figure with her back to me

Salivating I approached


Random Pt. 14

Orange Fanta with the fridge light shining

Quenching beads melt on the drinkers nude chest

Male or female? A drinker of which sex?


His/her distinction is driving him mad

This lad defaults to his sex in vocab

Far from sexist but I do have gonads

Need not ask permission to grab. Not sad!


Sandwich made with random ingredients

Meals of a culinary deviant

Assign me the judge who’s least lenient


Sluggish and satisfied, walking to bed

It’s time to get rest/pretend that I’m dead