Totally Nonrandom

Playing a harmonica like this


And then getting asked for a French kiss

Viewing the world microscopically

Reduced to tears, someone’s mopping me

Buried alive, pounding on the coffin door

So bored that one wouldn’t mind going to war

A diet that consists of coffee and cigarettes

“You know those can cause cancer”

No?! Where did you hear this?

Almost hysterical, three months to see a psychiatrist

And I don’t want to talk, just give me recreational meds

I need to neurochemically decompress

If the POTUS saw me he’d say:

“You’re a mess”




Erotic Insomnia


Move in the morning like a zombie acts

Disordered by anxiety – generally speaking


At my neighbor’s voluptuous figure


Is open like a candid individual


Stimulation, heart racing like Olympians


Under the water dispensed by the shower head


I return to smiling the smile of a creep


The Right Words

How many different ways can a scene be painted

How many different descriptions can exist

To describe a state of consciousness

Love, everyone loves to interpret

Seldom with the perfect twist

But is it not bliss? Is the head on the nail not hit?

When a unique combination of words just captures it

These words – strung in the precise way that they are

Even a materialist would say: they came from the heart


Accompanied By Misery

Burying Plato in his allegorical cave

The avenues that I pave lead to moral decay

Scorch the Earth with chaotic revulsion

Knowing full well, we all face expulsion

Insensitivity, relentless activity

Consider insults toward me with objectivity

Relinquished all pretense, immune to shame

The rage of the masses is soon to reign

A dirty creature named Human, all else is frivolous

Laughing at and mocking anyone who still gives a shit

So many feel like me, and we’re beginning to band

If you have lived a good life, you may not understand

May not understand, harsh modes of subsistence

Life wants us dead, but we keep on persisting




More Depressing Shit

Painful like aborting quintuplets

When the woman is 5 months in

By now you can tell, I tend to dwell

In a setting worse than Christian hell

Sharpest of arrows, the sturdiest bow

Aimless – at what do I aim this thing though?

Getting nowhere fast, must have shattered the record

And no, that was not the intent of my strenuous efforts

Memorizing pages of Alien Nation’s dictionary

At best I remember momentarily

Lapses in my memory occur customarily

No one is aware of me

But I’m aware of them

I once had a dream, it gleamed like a gem

Back when my sleep cycles used to reach REM


Wake up before it

Environment is boring

Not worth exploring

But I just can’t ignore it

Like a rat in the same

Cage for ages

Nothing changes

Not location nor sadistic faces

So then

What is

My deepest desire?

To flee far from

Familiarity’s empire


Dumbass (!) like Eric Foreman

Whenever brainstorming I issue a 5 minute warning

Heavy clouds forming

Informing –

Skeptics that tonight I’m really performing

Thought bubbles soaring

Then, thought bubbles pouring

Never dormant

The storm is restoring

Simulated Suffering

Demoralized, sore inside, pain sorta like

Holding tight to porcupines

Horrified, is there more 2 life?


Never call on me

And I’ll never call on you

Volatile, trail of blood is many miles

Very vile


When I look at my palm

And observe the nuts I busted


Taking lessons from Dylann Roof

On how to shoot a rifle


Like the loneliest island

Sleeping without closing your eyelids

Continue climbing though I’m bound to fall

Stretching my arm out

Before I hit the ground and all…

Wish we could escape misery together

Our history is forever

Who will slip 1st?

The pain of watching a true companion hurt

Can’t break out of this game

Can’t exit the screen and enter 3-D

Virtual characters have feelings too 😦

What did we do…

To deserve this



Witnessing your father passing away in slow motion

Dumping his ashes in the ocean

The wind stirs

Now you’re choking

Devising plans designed to backfire

Attempting suicide till the end of time