On death row one writes mad letters

On death row it’s too late to strive to be better

When on the row of death an atheist can be tempted to surrender


On death row one obsesses over the long-ago death blow

On death row men suck their own dicks and ladies their own genitals

When on the row of death arms are reaching out like tentacles


On death row Makaveli was slaughtered by four little beads in September

On death row there is no new experience worthy to remember

When on the row of death there is no well founded reason to cherish every breath

Futile Composition

Juxtapose an empty vase with a rose.

Offensive remarks latch onto the brain of victims.

Salvage what you can and jump out of the airplane.

Substance abuse, I abuse substances domestically

This next Christmas will be a bad one, pray the world ends before it

I feel like an imbecile like Emmett Till for whistling.

Home invasion as you return from occupation.

Homicide kills the grandma on your mother’s side

He is thinking of sedition, idle in the kitchen

A gun or a petition?


Walk Into a…

Walk into a Target with a metallic mallet

Bang the lone living cashier on the crown he drops dead

The remaining cashiers are robotic and immune to harm & suffering

What is up with this shit? With this shit, what is up?

I unplug them, they die.

When I want to cry, I fear my faucet is dry and not a single drop from it I’ll get

I am crucified on the corner where Panic and Time intersect.

Walk into a Walmart where the human workers are somehow more miserable than me

An old black lady ran up to me pleading, “KILL meeeeeee!”

But never would I injure folks demoralized

My luck, it’s just

When I finally feel the urge to help it is simply beyond my means to


Walk into a CVS undressed with realism showing

Down the aisle I am tiptoeing – till my body is spotted

Spotted by a hot chick we fuck right then and there

Then we drop it! – It’s some hot shit, yes, some hot shit it is

Walk into my house the lights are out and all is quiet

This is the kind of silence that stokes desire to start a riot

I believe in non-violence, unless it’s in self-defense – and I’m always on the defensive








A Bad Hombre

An immigrant came from Costa Rica

Went to Starbucks and raped a barista

Fled the scene in a stolen Mercedes

Driving drunk, killed a mom and (you guessed it) her baby

On his way to rob a PNC bank

“It’s a bad hombre! Get out of the way!”

Clerk at the bank was cooperative

So she was raped but was allowed to live

Then he passed by parks, selling drugs to kids

Found a Sanctuary City and hid

Following day, he visited his folks

They’re good people, by the way, unlike most

Thanks to Trump, this scumbag was caught and shipped

Back home to Costa Rica – good riddance!

Consensual Sex


Raped by two ugly men in a basement

Angelic face held tight, forced to lock lips

Belt clinks, legs spread, mound nestles the cock’s tip

Dry sex, feeling her breast in amazement


Unworthy yet here she is under you

Struggle met with slaps to the beauty’s face

Teach her the Room of Doom has no escape

Whisper things like: “I’ve dreamed of fucking you”


“That’s right, this is our precious body now”

Kissing her belly, so flat and so toned

Cotton candy penetrated by stone

“Please, no. Don’t. I’m only fifteen. Oh. Ow!”


Sweet ejaculation, semen oozing

“That pussy, I want to keep abusing”






Accompanied By Misery

Burying Plato in his allegorical cave

The avenues that I pave lead to moral decay

Scorch the Earth with chaotic revulsion

Knowing full well, we all face expulsion

Insensitivity, relentless activity

Consider insults toward me with objectivity

Relinquished all pretense, immune to shame

The rage of the masses is soon to reign

A dirty creature named Human, all else is frivolous

Laughing at and mocking anyone who still gives a shit

So many feel like me, and we’re beginning to band

If you have lived a good life, you may not understand

May not understand, harsh modes of subsistence

Life wants us dead, but we keep on persisting