Depressive Manic

Manic depressive, I swing to the left

then back to the right –

I’m a swinger

But in either state I come up with great zingers!

Sometimes I like sharing songs

But then wonder if you’ll take it wrong

Most of the time my moods

do not interfere with who

I am –

a cool dude.

Among the coolest.

Possibly cooler than you!


No Hard Feelings

Just know I recover quickly

I am not the pick of the litter…

if you are picky.

I think shame, I have none left

Tears? If I round up

I have one left.

Emotions cause commotions like crowds amongst explosions

A tough time I’m going through one like the motions

Can this curse ever be reversed?

I find it funny you fancy yourself a leader

But won’t accept me unless someone else accepts me first (lol)

Merry Christmas to you and all your people

I will spend mine painting something different on my easel



That Fire Quagmire

I am wedded to my whims, so sorry

like the flick I’m taken

I am trying to take a string of failures

and make it amount to greatness.

The latest fashion, I don’t adorn it

The market, I am trying to corner it

I throw dice into blackholes and hope for the best outcome

Then, when nothing happens, I ask, “how come?”


Akin to abra

I cadabra.

Like a fresh cadaver, I hardly matter.

I’m a legend in my own mind, sure

but that’s where it starts.

Please do not be mad at me, sweetheart

I’m addressing the ether, which is where these words wind up

As crooked as I am, I have something lined up

Friend or foe? – those two are not mutually exclusive

Like thoughts about how life began

success is elusive



I’m resisting temptation, that’s right

as of now

my vow’s intact.

I have one head

And wear a thousand hats

Now you know where mine is at.

Ignorance is bliss

and so I’m living quite heavenly

I think I am my own worst











The Saga Continues

Rejection, it is hard to accept it, but I must because people have the right to not date me

People don’t recall my name, well, that’s a shame

I used to have game, but now? I make myself wonder…

Blunders, there are more to come, of that I’m certain

Never worry, I will never close my own curtain

There’s nothing appealing about a guy who’s shady and acts like a baby

i.e. a shady baby

I vowed to myself not to look at particular profiles

Because…it makes my mind run wild(er)


With that said,


I am going to ask out the girl at Sam’s Club. The way she greeted me was so nice, she must be into me.

However, I will try not to give it much thought. If she says no I will just go and ask out the cashier at Costco.

I am also liking the girl at Subway, she gives me free chips from time to time meaning she MUST find me intruiging.

This one is more of a long shot, but still, I am going to ask out that older woman at Sears.

Meanwhile, I will continue to write my novel, which someday might make me memorable. Then the girl at the kratom store will recall my name – assuming she’s into literature!


She was a rainbow in an otherwise grim diary

I was lunacy to her,

lunacy to her stability. Her disposition battled mine.

Last love of the real kind – I felt it dissipate at 16.

Even then I doubted that I’d ever feel that way again.

I embody desperation, the feeling stemming from…

fulfillment lacking.

I’m too scared to choose

for certain a new avenue.

Can this “profession” be my passion if I approach with hesitation?

“Will it make me money?” – always it’s a prime consideration.

I am occupying this position – that I know for certain

I want to occupy a better one – that is generally my purpose

What does “better” mean? That is what I strive to figure out.









Infrared Infrastructure

Pubic hairs lost in the wind

Naked men chasing women into caves

Dirty dancing on top of a bus, party

Part in the hair with a comb so classy

Flash a smile for forty-five minutes

Infrared Infrastructure


Hermit inhabits cell, solo

Seminal writings – prophetic, enabling

Receiving oral sex for one hour

Turn on the hose, gardening, hose hardening

Jumping from roof to roof

Falling and waking up, dreamed death


Riding a seal into battle with dolphins

As the sun sets, silhouettes – shields, swords

Engaging combatants

Hopeless romantic willing to snatch Defiance


Flying with a Mayan

Hover over temples of gods, shitty

Engulfed by volcanic activity

Like a rectum reamed with a red pepper

Fired up to do violence, just destruction

Home invasion

Sparked by scent of windowsill’s fresh muffins


Infrared Infrastructure

Masturbating manually

A little pussy like Sean Hannity

Tempts one to live longer, linger

Fisting an orifice with ten fingers

And ten toes

Masturbating manually


Harping on history, personal

Pardon prosaic brooding

Mind disqualified from achieving

Status normal, bleed blood bleeding

Masturbating to see milk

Dripping from the Walls of Silk

In mind’s eye, loser’s illusion



Off –putting, obnoxious

Obtusely noxious

Insensitive recalcitrant

Buried with erection poking

Out of the dirt, stroking